Photo taken across the street in the aftermath of the building fire

Six Alarm Fire on Queen West

I walked along Queen West today, past the scene of the six alarm fire between Spadina and Bathurst. There were fire crews and police in abundance and the remains of some of the buildings were still smouldering, which was hard to believe given that the fire broke out in the early hours of Wednesday morning and it was now Sunday. That whole section of the street has been cordoned off to traffic and a fence had been set up to keep the public at bay. This didn’t stop people from gawking at the gutted buildings (including me) and taking photos and video of the whole mess on their cell phones. It was actually difficult to walk along the street, there were so many rubberneckers not paying attention to where they were going.

It’s sad that this fire happened, not just because of the loss of homes and businesses for the residents in the area, but because some, if not not all, of these buildings had heritage status and now they’re gone forever. That section of the city has a hip, vibrant appeal which the buildings obviously contributed to, so it’s a shame to see them just disappear like that.

Oh, well – let’s hope that whatever rises from the flames will fit well with the neighbourhood. It wouldn’t surprise me if a condo were built there. Maybe they’ll call it the Phoenix…

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