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Two guys sitting outside a store


Two of 'em. Just sitting there outside a store on Ossington Avenue, shooting the breeze ...
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Nun on a street corner

Street Corner Nun

Just minding her own business, waiting for a streetcar at Queen West and Ossington ...
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Finally! Apoptosis explained, using nifty animation.

I'm sure you've spent many a night lying awake in bed wondering about your immune system; how it works and ...
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Coffee and people

I love my local coffee shop, where I sit and read as two guys on my right argue passionately in ...
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"Hi, my name's Neil!" says the guy, loudly, as he turns the corner right in front of me and moves ...
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Corrado’s Barber Shop. Men’s Hair Stylist.

Adam is sitting in the steel and leather barber's chair, his back to the small table displaying the tools of ...
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Gary and Franco at the Old York bar

The Bubbly Virgin

Last night, New Year's Eve, sitting at the bar in our local pub with a friend and the bartender... "Get ...
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A morning walk to work

Walking by the TIFF Bell Lightbox building on King West on the way to work this morning, a guy in ...
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A squirrel!

The squirrels are going nuts!

I walked by St. James park on the way to work this morning and saw the effects of the city's ...
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Me. On ice. WTF!

Skating at the Harbourfront

For the record, I am not a good skater. I'm actually pretty crap at it, but I will give it ...
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A band playing music at Loblaws

You know you’re getting old when…

...a new Loblaws supermarket opens in the 'hood and you can't wait to get there with the rest of the ...
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police on bikes

Occupy Toronto: It’s all quiet now

Walking through St. James park this morning, I'm struck by how quiet and empty it is—except for a few pedestrians ...
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Protest board

Occupy Toronto: Mexican stand-off

The police are still trying to evict the protesters at St. James park. According to people I spoke to there, ...
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Occupy Toronto eviction underway

I just walked through St. James park on my way to work, where the police are out in force as ...
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Protestor' signs

Tent City and the ‘Occupy’ movement

Some friends and I took a stroll through the tent city on St. James park in downtown Toronto yesterday. This ...
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Eviction notice

The protesters camping out on St. James Park have been given notice of eviction, a friend tells me. Standing outside ...
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A tent city

Falling leaves

The leaves on the trees are changing colour into rich reds, golds, yellows and browns, before falling to the ground ...
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Occupy Bay Street protesters talking to journalists

Occupy Bay Street! Or is it Occupy Toronto..?

There seems to be some confusion over the whole "Occupy" event here in Toronto this week. Is it supposed to ...
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Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph

Welcome, Pharyngulistas!

If you're dropping by from PZ Myers' blog Pharyngula, after he posted my article on why I'm an atheist, then ...
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Dan Akroyd

Star gazing in San Francisco

Yesterday was our fourth day in San Francisco. We'd been doing a lot of walking around the city so far, ...
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Crazy parking!

The Streets of San Francisco

Yesterday was the first day of our vacation in San Francisco. We landed just after noon and made our way ...
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A view of our back yard


The early September sunshine creeps across the table top in the back yard. The sound of tennis from the court ...
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Rooftop garden

Up on the roof

This is a piece I had written some time ago, as an assignment for a creative writing class, and I ...
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View of the lake from the end of the spit

The Leslie Street Spit

It was another hot day in Toronto today. El Franco and I went out on our bikes to donate some ...
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