My Tangled Bank

Okay, it’s not quite the famed hillock of lush vegetation that inspired Charles Darwin, but it’s the closest thing I have in way of a view from my home office. Given time, I’ll eventually get around to cutting away the ivy that’s slowly growing across the window in my office upstairs. In the meantime, it does provide me with a somewhat limited view of nature; in this case a beautiful green dragonfly, which had settled on one of the leaves this bright and sunny morning.

I managed to fish out my camera from the depths of a drawer, to take a snapshot before the winged predator flew away in search of Sunday brunch.

Night of the Macaroons

One of our friends from England didn’t believe there were such things as raccoons in Toronto, when she visited us in 2007. When she finally did catch a glimpse of one through the window one dark and rainy night in November, she squealed with delight and (in her excited state) immediately nicknamed them “macaroons”.

Well, now that summer is here and we’re spending a bit of time in the back yard, we’re starting to see more of them and they ain’t too shy! Here’s a video we took of two youngsters going for a walkabout on our fence – just for you, Louise!

Stained glass


We moved into an old Victorian row house in September, 2007, having lived in a loft condo since moving to Toronto in 2004. The loft experience was great and we made lots of good friends in what was, to us, a new city. Still, we missed the floorspace and instant access to the outside that a house provides, so we took a plunge into the market to see what was available and eventually bought the home we’re in now.

We were told by our agent that the house had heritage status and, after doing some reasearch into the Heritage Toronto Plaque program we discovered that, for a fee, we could apply for a brass plaque on the outside of the house to designate its status.

Well, being the keeners that we are, we did so and, after waiting six months, found out today that our application was approved. Which means we’ll be having the plaque installed sometime in May.

We’re quite happy about this, especially since we’re trying to maintain that old Victorian feel of the place by installing two stained glass panels in the entranceway, ones that match the old, existing stained glass window in the living room. El Franco went to night classes at a studio to learn how to make these windows and the fruit of his labour was in evidence earlier this week, after a glazier came and fitted the two new panels in the door.

Here’s a picture of his handiwork, post-installation.

Warm light


We got Keaton from the Toronto Humane Society in November, 2007 – not long after my cat Milo died. He’s a grey cat with lots of personality, who follows us from room to room. A regular lap cat, he likes nothing better than collapsing on me in the evening as I’m couch potatoing. He can also be found napping on the bed especially if there’s sunlight streaming in, which is how I found him today.

If they’re treated well, pets can have such a carefree life and it’s grounding to see how little they have to care about. I often wonder what thoughts, if any, pass through their tiny brains:

“Warm light – must lie down and stretch!”
“Human – feed me!”
“Scratch my belly!”

Here’s a picture of Keaton, stretching in the warm light.

I am Cat, hear me snore!